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“Can’t Help Falling In Love” will forever be marked as one of the greademo thắm thiết songs of the history. The King of Roông chồng n Roll-Elvis Presley is seen out of his usual element in performing this lullaby of a song that sweeps anyone off their feet. Evidently enough, the song is one of the most popular wedding songs to-date.“Can’t Help Falling In Love” was released as a song for Elvis Presley’s movie ‘Blue Hawaii’ in 1961. Rolling Stone magazine ranked the tuy vậy as the 5th best tuy vậy by Elvis Presley, falling behind “Suspicious Minds,” “If I Can Dream,” “In The Ghetto” và “Jailhouse Rochồng.” Rolling Stone also inducted this classic tuy nhiên in their ‘500 Greatest Songs of All Time‘ danh mục at #403. According to the same website, it took Elvis 29 takes khổng lồ derive sầu this masterpiece we hear today. The tuy nhiên peaked at #1 on song charts of many countries around the world including The USA, the UK, Canada, nước Australia, Sweden, New Zeal&, France and Spain.

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The song speaks about the singer’s feeling towards a girl for whom he is falling in love uncontrollably. Elvis sings that they are meant khổng lồ be for each other và hence take his h& và ride with hlặng to the forever sunsets.Watch “Can’t Help Falling In Love” Video by Elvis Presley
Download “Can’t Help Falling In Love” Single on iTunes & AmazonThe music đoạn Clip for the tuy vậy is an extract from the movie ‘Blue Hawaii’ for which this song was written. The entire soundtraông xã for ‘Blue Hawaii’ is a production by Elvis Presley, who also plays the lead role-Chadwiông xã Gates. In the music đoạn Clip, however, Elvis sings the song not to his girlfriover, but to lớn her grandmother, while the girlfriend watches them cthua trận by. The melody for the song is from another romantic French song “Plaisir d’amour” by Jean-Paul-Égide Martini in 1784.“Can’t Help Falling In Love” is also the last song Elvis played live in 1977 during a concert in Indianapolis.Lyrics Analysis & Song Meaning of “Can’t Help Falling In Love”Verse 1Mostly those who have sầu been in và out of love sầu say “don’t rush inlớn love sầu lượt thích a fool,” but Elvis feels as if he has no choice in this situation. ‘Wise men’ could be people older than Elvis, those who have experienced love sầu, those who have failed at love, or just philosophers on relationships. Whoever they are, their suggestion is khổng lồ tread carefully when it comes khổng lồ love sầu, for love is a walk on a sharp knife.
Elvis questions the girl if it would be a sin to love her and if it is okay khổng lồ be with her. There could be a sexual innuenbởi vì hidden in these lyrics stemming from the Catholic view of pre-marital sex being considered as a sin.Elvis Presley is absolutely swept away by this girl. He cannot help himself that he is falling in love with this girl, and he thinks it is not such a foolish move sầu khổng lồ rush inkhổng lồ something he is so sure of.

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In Elvis’s eyes, this girl and himself are meant to lớn be together. He is as sure of it as all sources of water over up in the ocean in the end. Just as the destiny of a droplet of water starting in at the top of the Himalayan mountain range is to lớn flow lớn the ocean, he is certain that she is meant to be with him. Serenading at its best!

“Can’t Help Falling In Love” tuy vậy artwork from ‘Blue Hawaii’ movie. (Image credits: genius.com)
Verse 2Elvis wants to marry this girl, because why not? His gut feeling is telling hyên that they will kết thúc up together anyway. With that, he is willing to lớn commit all of himself lớn her too.From the first verse of the tuy vậy, where Elvis says he is falling for her, towards the end of the tuy vậy Elvis has already made up his mind about spending the rest of his life with her. Things certainly seem fast paced. But if he is sure and if she is willing, what more is there khổng lồ wait for!“Can’t Help Falling In Love” will forever be considered one of the sweethử nghiệm love songs ever written & sung. Elvis’s deep vocals add the necessary weight to lớn this love anthem, và we can feel that he is not messing around with her.Let us hear what you have to say about this tuy vậy & Elvis Presley. Leave sầu a comment on your experiences with this song và what makes this song your favourite.

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