Windows 10 low on memory, but it's not?

Windows 7 monitors your memory & gives you a warning: “Cthất bại programs to prsự kiện information loss” when you run oom, out of ma.. memory. To disable that annoying message you need to disable certain parts of the diagnostics service. Here’s how.


I am not sure if it was a memory problem, but in some cases Windows seems khổng lồ automatically cthua programs when you run out of memory. I am still not sure if this is also the case after disabling the diagnostic service RADAR, but I will keep you posted. Untested: It might help to lớn simply remove radardt.dll và radarrs.dll from C:Windowssystem32

Automatic: Registry Tweak To Disable “Cthảm bại Programs” Message

Update: You need khổng lồ remove sầu the registry keys manually. The keys are protected, so you need to open the registry editor và remove sầu them yourself, the tweak will not work. You can tải về this registry tệp tin that will automatically remove sầu the registry keys that are responsible for the diagnostic service to lớn monitor your memory.Disable cthảm bại programs khổng lồ prsự kiện informations loss registry tweak

Manual: Remove Registry Keys

Update: You need lớn remove sầu the registry keys manually.

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The keys are protected, so you need to lớn open the registry editor and remove them yourself, the tweak will not work. Optionally, you can simply insert this inlớn a text file:Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00“IsReentrant”=-“ImagePath”=-“NeverUnload”=-“ExecutionContext”=-“ImagePath”=-“ExecutionContext”=-“ImagePath”=-“NeverUnload”=-“NeverLowerPagePriority”=-This registry tweak will disable the message và it will also stop closing programs automatically when you run out of memory. Very useful, but you still need to lớn take care that you don’t run out of memory, so try to cthảm bại your programs regularly. Any registry tweaks can make your system unstable, so I vì not take any responsibility for lost data, so make sure not to lớn overvì chưng it và possibly crash your memory. Most Windows features are there for a reason!

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