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Although the Windows operating system was Microsoft enhancements and additional security features, but the most prominent is probably Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender, but Windows users still are not assured of the safety data và protect your PC from viruses, malware.Quý Khách đã xem: Expired


Bitdefender Total Security năm ngoái is a lastest security software of Bitdefender. You can download a free trial version or a commercial version for $ 89.95 USD/year for the three computers at home pages of Bitdefender.

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The lachạy thử version is compatible with Windows 8.1 & OS including Microsoft operating system has been abandoned, Windows XP, và includes both platforms 32bit, 64bit. Minimum System Requirements 1.6GHz CPU, 1GB RAM & will work better if your computer is configured with a Vi xử lý Core 2 Duo CPU with 2GB RAM.

Additionally, Bitdefender also include additional features is it a requirement that the modern (ish) of Internet Explorer – IE 8 và Version 3.5 Minimum of platkhung .Net framework. If one of these requirements is missing, the software will automatically install them on your computer.

Bitdefender has optimized the simple cấp độ, you manipulate the Install button is clicked on the installation will take place automatically.



Once installed, Bitdefender will enable Photon công nghệ, features silently identify threats. When you open a browser, lượt thích Chrome, Firefox or IE, the software will ask you khổng lồ accept an extension (plugin, addon) named Bitdefender Wallet.

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One of the best ways to lớn obtain personal information, ngân hàng trương mục information or credit thẻ someone is using software keylogger software. The software records all keyboard activity (including user names, passwords, credit card) và then pass this information on khổng lồ the server remotely by hackers. Therefore, Bitdefender Wallet feature would be a viable solution in the fight against the theft of personal information, payment information on the Internet, to lớn help reduce the risk of becoming a victyên ổn of software keyloggers.


An interesting feature of Bitdefender Total Security 2015 Profiles, allows adjusting the intensity monitoring system, monitoring of threats and prioritize performance for a particular program. This feature is useful for gamers, who often have to lớn prioritize tốc độ & performance for midform size games, heavyweight.

Like Ashampoo WinOptimizer 11, Bitdefender Total Security năm ngoái also allows optimum systems that achieve the best performance. Features include scanning và cleaning registration information no longer use to the Registry, remove sầu junk files occupying many system resources and often deal with security issues hidden.

Additionally, you can also optimize the boot process of a computer, by removing the application, unnecessary processes loaded in the boot process of the machine.

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On the interface, at first glance, it seems Bitdefender Total Security 2015 has borrowed Metro interface (Modern) of the operating system Windows 8. The interface is designed with cells arranged features visible và easy lớn handle Business, especially for touch screens. Including three main features is the Protection, Privacy và Tools, & four groups of manipulation features the quick scan, Update, Safepay and Optimize.

In addition lớn the above features, Bitdefender Total Security 2015 also supports the tự động thiết lập feature custom Battery Mode saves the laptop battery when the battery capađô thị is 30%. Once this feature is activated, it will turn off all of the computers connected lớn the outside and optimize the system khổng lồ save sầu battery life when used


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