Máy chiếu panasonic pt-lb425

The Panasonic PTL-LB425 is a bright projector suitable for business or education needs. It is part of the LB425 Series. There is no need lớn turn the lights off as your PT-LB425 is powerful enough to lớn project clearly in light rooms due to the bright 4100 lumens. You will be able to lớn project in a bright... Read more

The Panasonic PTL-LB425 is a bright projector suitable for business or education needs. It is part of the LB425 Series. There is no need lớn turn the lights off as your PT-LB425 is powerful enough to lớn project clearly in light rooms due lớn the bright 4100 lumens. You will be able to lớn project in a bright room khổng lồ a medium sized audience with no problems at all. A high brightness & high cokiemtruyenky.vnntrast ratio have sầu been achieved in a lightweight body for the PT-LB425.

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Just cokiemtruyenky.vnkiemtruyenky.vn Đánh Giá on the Panasonic PT-LB425

All of these features work together lớn give sầu you, clear, sharp images with realistic & bright cokiemtruyenky.vnlours with added depth. The clear & glowing images will enhance the learning & working experience whether the PT-LB425 is ceiling mounted or being used as a portable projector as it is very lightweight at only 2.9KGs. Give sầu us a shout if you are thinking of installation as we also offer this service. cokiemtruyenky.vnrner keystoning will help with installation or if you have to lớn place your projector off-centre; you will still be able to lớn project a straight image. We can also provide you with a suitable screen, from an electric, manual or a portable screen.

It has a HDMI đầu vào to cokiemtruyenky.vnnnect to lớn modern devices and show your cokiemtruyenky.vnntent in high definition. There are also two đồ họa ports to lớn cokiemtruyenky.vnnnect to older laptops. You will be able khổng lồ cokiemtruyenky.vnnnect to lớn multiple sources without swapping the cables around. The USB input is also useful for PC miễn phí presentations via a USB stiông chồng. This projector also has a built in 10W speaker, which is suitable for a medium sized audience.

To help reduce maintenance & operating cokiemtruyenky.vnsts, the Panasonic PT-LB425 has a very long lamp life of đôi mươi,000 hours, so you won’t have khổng lồ replace the lamp anytime soon! ThisPanasonic projectorhas a standard throw ratio & gives you a bit of flexibility where you mount the projector if you are installing it.

The PT-LB425 has XGA resolution which is suitable for presentations and only short video clip clips. If you wish lớn show longer videos or movies, then we recokiemtruyenky.vnmmover you go up khổng lồ at least WXGA resolution as your image will not stretch or distort & may only be an extra £30 for a better resolution, which will be definately worth your money. Take a look at some alternatives below. For presentations, the PT-LB425 will still give you a clear and sharp image. Overall, this is a great projector for medium rooms và has quite a few features. Clichồng on the PDF khổng lồ the left for more information.

What Panasonic say about the PT-LB425

The PT-LB425 Series cokiemtruyenky.vnmbines vivid picture unique and fantastic cokiemtruyenky.vnst-efficiency in a cokiemtruyenky.vnmpact body. Breakthrough lamp technology extends lifespan up lớn 20,000 hours*1, significantly reducing your overheads. The flexible, wireless-ready, easy-to-use cokiemtruyenky.vnkiemtruyenky.vn bring truyền thông media to life in classrooms and office spaces.

Breakthrough công nghệ extends lamp replacement to lớn trăng tròn,000 hours*. Longer lamp-life is achieved by reducing degradation and by improving cokiemtruyenky.vnoling capabilities. Enjoy bright picture quality, low Tcokiemtruyenky.vn, and less downtime for maintenance.

Daylight View Lite optimizes cokiemtruyenky.vnlor and brightness accokiemtruyenky.vnrding khổng lồ ambient lighting levels. This function is easily accessed using the supplied remote cokiemtruyenky.vnntrol.

The projector includes a 1.2x zoom lens to tư vấn a wide range of projection throw-distances. This is useful when presenting in different installation environments.

If on-site cokiemtruyenky.vnnditions hotline for off-axis projection, simply designate four screen cokiemtruyenky.vnrners and Horizontal & Vertical cokiemtruyenky.vnrner Keystone cokiemtruyenky.vnrrection performs necessary adjustments for distortion-không tính tiền image presentation.

Barrel & pincushion distortions are easily cokiemtruyenky.vnrrected when projecting onlớn a curved screen surface such as black- or whiteboards.

To reduce hassle, the filter can be replaced via the side and the lamp from the top of the projector. There’s no need to lớn remove sầu the unit from its ceiling mount for periodic maintenance.

Insert a USB memory device into the USB port và start projecting stored cokiemtruyenky.vnntent straight away without need of a cokiemtruyenky.vnnnected PC. The USB media player supports a variety of image files, such as JPEG and PNG. Start your presentation right away without having khổng lồ cokiemtruyenky.vnnnect to a cokiemtruyenky.vnmputer.

Transmission of audio and video nội dung via PC to lớn the projector is supported over USB cable with the projector set khổng lồ USB Display Mode. No need to lớn install software, just plug and play và start presenting immediately.

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cokiemtruyenky.vnkiemtruyenky.vn with Direct nguồn Off function allow you to lớn switch off the projector và unplug the power cokiemtruyenky.vnrd right after use. You can safely turn off the room’s breaker switch without waiting for the projector lớn cokiemtruyenky.vnol down. This is useful in applications where the projector is mounted on the ceiling, or in time-critical situations.


Delivery Charges

*OCTOBER 2021 UPDATE* - Due to the ongoing shortage of cokiemtruyenky.vnurier drivers in the UK, some deliveries are taking a little longer to arrive sầu although most are still making it out on the next working day. If you have sầu any cokiemtruyenky.vnncerns about the lead time before ordering please give our sales team a Điện thoại tư vấn.

Delivery Rates to lớn mainlvà UK - (excluding large screens & Touch Screens)

Delivery is to lớn ground floor, if you have special delivery instructions you must tương tác us lớn ensure that we can have the best chance of success in delivering the thành tích. We required items khổng lồ be signed for.

Working Delivery dates are Monday lớn Friday unless Saturday delivery is selected.

7-10 Working Days delivery is miễn phí of charge2-3 Working Days£8 + VATNext Working Day £12 + VAT - if ordered before cut offSaturday Anytime or Working Day Pre-Noon £35 + VAT - Be careful choosing this option, it has the highest incidence of failure with all cokiemtruyenky.vnuriers.

Delivery cut off is 4pm on most items - earlier time exceptions are large items, high value items, items requiring a pallet (i.e bulk orders). If you order after 4pm then the order is processed the next day, that means if you ordered Tuesday at 8pm at night, the next day delivery option is Thursday as the order is processed on the Wednesday.

Delivery Rates to lớn non-mainl& UK + Eire - (excluding large screens and cảm ứng Screens)

Non Mainl& và the Highlands and Islands- this includes the Isle of Wight, any thing that goes over water that does not have road access. These rates are determined by cokiemtruyenky.vnuriers based on postcokiemtruyenky.vnde. If there are multiple items then we may need to lớn quote you for delivery.

2-3 Days £45 + VAT

Large Screens 3m+ wide và Touch Screen

By Quotation - they might not be able to lớn be next day as specialised cokiemtruyenky.vnuriers are often required.


Faulty Items

Goods Reported Faulty Within 28 Days of Receipt.

If you have a faulty tác phẩm and are reporting the fault within 28 days of receipt (please note that for business customers, this is 14 days). When the goods are returned to us cokiemtruyenky.vnmplete, we’ll issue a full refund to lớn you via your original payment method.We will try and ensure that there is a fault, that often requires is running diagnostics or getting the manufacturer lớn speak lớn you directly lớn determine whether there is a genuine fault rather than just a mix up error.

Goods Damaged in Transit.

If your goods were damaged in transit it must be reported to us within 3 days. If goods are visibly damaged on receipt the delivery note must be marked accokiemtruyenky.vnrdingly. Once the damaged goods have sầu been cokiemtruyenky.vnllected và received back into lớn our warehouse, we’ll issue a refund via your original payment method. We will require pictures of the damage.

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cokiemtruyenky.vnnsumers - If You Have sầu Changed Your Mind – this is for personal use not business or organisations

If you are a private cokiemtruyenky.vnnsumer & have sầu changed your mind as long as the goods have not been in your possession for over 14 days, & the sản phẩm can be sold again as new, then you are entitled khổng lồ return the goods to lớn us. If the chiến thắng you are returning is a Projector, the lamp hours used must not have sầu exceeded 3 hours otherwise a restocking fee will be applied. The cokiemtruyenky.vnst of returning items is the responsibility of the customer. As new means in original packaging with cokiemtruyenky.vnmplete accessory packs & manuals. If any item is marked/damaged, including the packing, there may be a restocking fee.Please cokiemtruyenky.vnntact us directly before sending any goods back to obtain an RMA number without this there may be a delay in dealing with your return. If you purchased for a cokiemtruyenky.vnmpany, or an organisation you are not deemed a cokiemtruyenky.vnnsumer by law.