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Windows Update is installed on the system when it is restarted. In case if you force shutdown your system when Windows is updating,the update will not be installed properly on the system. Further when you will restart your computer you will see “We couldn’t install some updates because the PC was turned off” message. Lớn solve this issue follow these solutions on your computer, but before going ahead, go through these workarounds to lớn try out some simpler solutions for the problem.

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1. It requires a reboot of your system khổng lồ complete a normal Windows Update process. Reboot your computer and check if it works.
2. If you are using any antivirus on your computer, disable it temporarily and check if you can update your system.

1. Press Windows key+R khổng lồ launch Run.

2. Type “cmd” & press Ctrl+Shift+Enter together. Click on “Yes” if you are prompted by User tài khoản Control.


2. Now, copy and paste these commands one by one in Command Prompt window, & press Enter after each command to lớn execute them. This will temporarily stall the necessary components of Windows Update service.

net stop wuauservnet stop cryptSvcnet stop bitsnet stop msiserver


3.Again, Press Windows key+R to launch Run, & then copy-paste this line & hit Enter.

C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownloadNote- Replace “C:” with the drive letter of your Windows installation drive.


4. Now, press Ctrl+A to lớn select all the folders & press “Delete” lớn empty the SoftwareDistribution folder. Close file Explorer window.


5. Maximize the Command Prompt window.

Now, you have khổng lồ start the necessary Windows Update services again.

6. In order to do so copy và paste these following commands one by one in Command Prompt window và hit Enter after each command to lớn execute them-

net start wuauservnet start cryptSvcnet start bitsnet start msiserver


Now, reboot your computer. After rebooting, check if you can update Windows or not.

If this doesn’t help, go for the next fix.

Fix-2 Automate Windows Update service-

Automating Windows Update service on your computer may help you out.

1. Press Windows key+R khổng lồ launch Run on your computer.

2. In Run window, type “services.msc” and then hit Enter.


Services window will be opened.

2. In Services window, scroll down & find “Windows Update” service. Double click on it to mở cửa it’s properties.


3. In Windows Update properties, click on ‘Startup type:‘ and choose “Automatic“.

4. Kiểm tra if ‘Service Status:‘ is “Running” or not. Otherwise, click on “Start” lớn start the process.

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5. Finally, click on “Apply” & “OK” to lớn save the changes on your computer.


Close Services window on your computer.

Fix-3 Empty Catroot2 folder-

1. Press Windows key+R to lớn launch Run window on your computer.

2. Now, copy-paste this location in Run window và then hit Enter to go to lớn the location.



Replace “C:” with the drive letter of the drive where Windows is installed on your computer.
3. In catroot2 folder, select all of the folders và then press ‘Delete‘ khổng lồ delete all the contents of the folder.

Close File Explorer.
Try lớn update your computer again. Go for the next fix if this one doesn’t work out.

Fix-4 Run Windows Update Troubleshooter-

If nothing is fixing your issue, run Windows Update troubleshooter khổng lồ detect và fix the issue at your end.

1. Click on the Search box beside the Windows Icon, type “Troubleshoot settings“.

2. In the elevated search results, click on the “Troubleshoot settings“.



2. Now, on the right side of your Settings window, scroll down lớn find Get up & running section, click on “Windows Update” and then click on “Run the troubleshooter“.


3. Follow the on screen instructions and let the Windows Update Troubleshooter complete the process.

Now, click on “Next” in the troubleshooter window.


This process will take some time as Windows will detect any problem with your pending Update.

3. Now, click on “Next” to apply the fix.


4. Reboot your computer.

After rebooting your computer, try to update your Windows Update.

Your system should be updated without any further problem.


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Sambit is a Mechanical Engineer By qualification who loves khổng lồ write about Windows 10 & solutions lớn weirdest possible problems.

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